My interest in photography began when I bought a second-hand Zenith TTL in the early 1980’s. In my ignorance, I paid £80 for it (a months wages for me, as a first year apprentice at the time) not realising that I could have got it brand new for about £40.
The Zenith, whilst extremely robust & weighing a ton, was as basic as it got, offering shutter speeds from 1/30 to 1/500 sec. plus Bulb.
A few weeks later I went on holidays to the Isle Of Man, spent each night photographing the illuminations on Douglas Promenade whilst experimenting with long exposures using the bulb setting and was hooked!

I get the same buzz today as I did back then when I collected my first set of enlargements from the high street lab.

I soon progressed to slide film when I saw what the guys in my local camera club were producing on Kodachrome 64.

I only made the transition to digital in 2009 when I bought a Canon 5D. I suppose I’m a bit of a luddite when it comes to new technology but I now wish I had made the change much sooner. Digital has given my photography a new lease of life, especially as most of my images are long exposures (often up to several minutes) where I find the instant playback and histograms invaluable. I only shoot RAW and use Photoshop CS5 for minor tweaking.

I travel the entire west coast of Ireland from my native county of Cork (on the south coast) to Donegal in the north west in search of my images and return again and again to the same locations each year as the ever-changing light and weather fronts coming in off the Atlantic give me totally different scenes each time I visit.

Recently, I have started toning some of my black and white landscapes and I must say, I like the effect. Toning seems to be back in fashion at the moment within the black & white genre.

I use mainly wide angle perspectives in my landscape work and always try to incorporate strong foreground detail and lead-in lines to good effect.

I have taken part in various group and solo exhibitions in the South of Ireland over the years, culminating in my exhibitions “Of Light & Half-Light” in Cork a few years ago & "Twilight Seascapes & Other Stories" in 2015.
My images have also been used for calendars, book covers and magazines in Ireland and U.K.

All my images are printed on high quality archival paper to ensure customer satisfaction and are despatched in crush proof cylinders.